Tuesday, June 29, 2010

30 shows later and now a workshop

I can't express how much of an overwhelming satisfaction it is to be surrounded by the arts 24-7. I do believe that it is true, art is all around you, but to have the opportunity to see so many shows is truly phenomenal. I know this may sound cliche, but we are all human, but it is amazing that we all have very vastly ideas of how to tell a story and how to create an atmosphere and environment that invites the audience just for a moment into your own little world. A world in your own creative mind. It truly is inspiring.
There is so much to share. Yesterday I went to Haarlem, where my father and sister Rachel's good friends live, Florens, his wife and their daughter Isabel. Meeting them for the first time was magical. We laughed as if we were old friends and what I most appreciated was that Florens has known my father for almsot ten years. It is all through the Bon Buddhist organization that they both love. It was so wonderful to even discover new things about my father and hear about the things that he had been telling Florens about me and our family. I truly developed a new appreciation for my father. He truly is a very determined and hard working man. He never gives up and his passion and new ideas are contageous. I only hope I can be half as determined as he is in my life's persuits. As Florens put it, "Your father really is living life! He has no plans to retire. His retirement is his rebirth." I completely agree with that statement. What a zest he has for life.
We have now begun the shadow puppetry master class. It is quite intense. Today we have been hovered around an overhead projector and given only 30 mins to create a quick story. The preassure is on, but the overwhelming support that we get from the class is amazing. Everyone is at least ten years older than me and I am the only American, the class is in English, but I think I am one of two that English is their first language. It has been a learning experience for sure and I have a lot of learning to do! We work from 9:00AM-10:00PM every day with breaks inbetween. Whew! It is quite exhausting, but really beneficial. I look forward to tomorrow because we will be working with flashlights! Oh my goodness. I am officially a shadow nerd!

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