Monday, June 21, 2010

Made it to Holland!

After one bus ride from Philly to NYC, then one plane ride to Brussels, and two train rides to Holland, and a 15 min walk to the information desk to reunite with Spica-- I finally made it! It is supper late and I have had a whirl wind of a day, but I have already seen two shows, eated at a great restaurant and have reunited with Spica and all of her wonderful Taiwanese friends. I am staying in a beautiful home where I have my own room. I am so inpsired by this home. There is a theatre inside of the home!!! In the room there are book shelves on both sides where there are two balconies and then below is a stage and enough room for an audience of forty chairs. How amazing to have that kind of space in your own home. It has inspired me to work on my barn at home. I asked the man who owns the home how long it took him to build it--he made it himself. He said a year. Look out I come!
It is so wonderful not only to be surrounded by artist, but also puppeteers! We are a rare breed indeed. We don't perform until Thursday so I am exicted just to see shows and to rehearse. What a joy it is to be here in this cute little brick roaded town! I really couldn't ask for anything better! I am truly on cloud nine! Much more to come!

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